Resume Ben Steinhauer

Business Analyst / Senior Software Engineer

Business Analysis & Engineering

An enthusiastic and reliable engineer with excellent knowledge of application and web development, with a wealth of hands-on experience in agile environments leveraging business analysis, object oriented design and test driven development, combined with a diverse range of computer skills. I am passionate about writing efficient and maintainable code, enjoy exploring cutting edge technologies and am fascinated by cryptography.

As a business analyst & engineer I cover the entire system/software development life cycle:

  1. Initiation: Meeting with clients/stakeholders to identify their need
  2. Planning: Creating a project plan that provides the basics for acquiring the resources needed to achieve a solution
  3. Analysis: System requirements as well as the system scope are fleshed out (what does the system do?)
  4. Design: Transforming the analysis information into how the system delivers the functionality (how does the system do it?)
  5. Testing: An undeniable part of any instant coding feedback & thus quality assurance (does the system deliver what it promises?)
  6. Implementation: Developing the system and putting it all the way into production (build it!)
  7. Maintenance: Putting measurements in place to monitor the system quality & guiding the clients/stakeholders in post-implementation decisions (measure it)
  8. Disposition: Describe final system state & transfer project.

Note: The natural flow of any software development intrinsically evolves in an iterative fashion, e.g. that several of these above cycles recur multiple times.

  • Business Analyst

    A vital part of any system development life cycle is to first analyze the needs of a client and to understand it’s vision. A strong business relationship built on trust and walking the client through all steps necessary is key.

  • Java Expert

    Expert in Java and related technologies with a mindset to consistently improve more efficient and maintainable code.

  • On Time

    Multinational expertise developing multiple projects structured into Sprints with consistent on-time delivery despite demands of fast-paced and deadline-driven work environments such as UBS Investment Bank.

  • Collaborative Teamwork

    Strong interpersonal, communication, troubleshooting and collaborative teamwork skills with stakeholders at all levels.

  • Multinational Experience

    Trilingual fluency in German, English and French & multinational work experience.

Core Competencies

Java Standard Edition Java Enterprise Edition Three-Tier Architecture Server Business Logic Client Presentation Agile Development Test Driven Development Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Multithreaded Applications Performance Profiling Customer Focused Development

Business Analysis Project Planning Benefit-Quality-Cost Communication & Presentation Design & Branding Team Building & Leadership

Documentation Cryptography Cross-Cultural Collaboration Staff Training Interns Coaching

Professional Experience